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Courier Delivery, Left Luggage and Bike Bag/Box Storage

We have shipped all manner of items as air freight, including surf boards, canoes, perishable foodstuffs (such as langoustine and wild mushrooms), bicycles, personal effects, and furniture. We do not, however, accept dangerous goods such as wet batteries, oils and greases, and petrol driven items.

Currently we are not able to accept live animals for carriage as cargo. Should you wish to ship live animals by air, or require specialist advice on the subject, please refer who will be happy to help.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In recent months we have been contacted by members of the public who have bought animals such as puppies and birds on the internet and were expecting them to arrive at Inverness Airport. It has become apparent that, although a substantial amount of money had been paid to what appeared to be a bona fide agency, there was never any intention to ship the animal to Inverness Airport and the money paid was not refunded. The scam appears to be based in Africa.

Regulated Agent Number 674
Air Cargo Terminal, Inverness Airport IV2 7JB, Tel: 01667 462121 Fax: 01667 462750