How do you charge for air freight?

We charge by the kilo and the price per kilo reduces above 45, 100, 300 and 500 kilos. If the volumetric weight of the item(s) is higher than the actual weight, then the higher weight applies.

How do you calculate the volumetric weight?

Airlines use a formula to determine the weight they could carry in a given space on an aircraft taken up by, say, a box of feathers. They would multiply the external dimensions together and then divide the sum by 6000. For example, the volumetric weight of a 150 x 50 x 50 cms box would be 150 x 50 x 50 = 375,000 divided by 6000 = 62.5 kilos.

How quickly could you get my item to its destination?

We could ship your item to anywhere in the UK and parts of Europe today, provided you tell us about it early enough. Destinations further afield such as the USA would normally be next day.

Can I ship my camping gear as cargo?

Yes, to a point. While your tent, sleeping gear, boots, clothing and cutlery present no problems whatsoever, we are unable to ship the likes of gas canisters and fuel.

Can I send my pet on a flight from Inverness?

Not by air at present. However, a specialist company could transport your pet by road. For further, specialist information, please

Will you pack my items for me?

No, sorry. We are not resourced to do this but a removal company will usually do this for you for a small fee. A strong cardboard box will usually suffice.

What paperwork will I need to send with my shipment?

For shipments within the EU, nothing is required. Outwith the EU, we recommend that you provide a list of contents to accompany the paperwork, and certain Customs formalities will apply. We will provide the shipping documents and advise you on the Customs requirements appropriate to the destination.

Will I have to pay any additional charges at the destination?

It is likely that you will have to pay an import handling fee at the destination, and possibly Customs charges if outwith the EU. Charges differ from country to country and, provided we have been told about them, we will let you know what they are prior to despatch. Please also note the some countries also require a period of quarantine for some items and this too attracts a fee.

Can I import goods through Inverness Airport?

No, unfortunately imports are not able to be Customs cleared Inverness Airport. Consignments will require to be cleared at either the port of entry, or a licensed airport such as Edinburgh or Aberdeen.

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